The Feed the Future Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) project measurably improves extension programs, policies and services by creating locally-tailored, partnership-based solutions and by mobilizing active communities of practice to advocate for scaling proven approaches. Led by Digital Green in partnership with Care International, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS), DLEC is an action-oriented, evidence-based learning project.

Diagnostics: We analyse existing extension and advisory systems

DLEC conducts diagnostics in Feed the Future countries to evaluate the EAS ecosystem, providing insight into the strengths and challenges faced by the national extension systems. The diagnostics also review the extent to which the system is market-oriented, how the system engages different communities, including youth and women, and how it supports overall livelihood strategies of farmers.

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Engagements: We customize activities based on country-specific needs

DLEC works with USAID missions and other actors to implement on-the-ground activities and action research to test best-fit solutions adapted to each country’s context. Results from the engagements are collected, evaluated and presented to key stakeholders to contribute to current or future extension programs.

Communities of Practice: We share knowledge, evidence and best-fit practices from the agricultural extension sector

The DLEC communities of practice are forums where extension stakeholders can share knowledge, evidence and best-fit practices, not only from the project, but from the agricultural extension sector as a whole via global, regional and national meetings, webinars and an online portal. Please join the global community of practice at

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Our Team

Kristin Davis

Project Director, DLEC | Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI

Alex Dunlop

Dep. Director, DLEC, Digital Green

Suprita Makh

Program Manager, DLEC, Digital Green

Michelle Kurian

Country Engagement Manager, DLEC, Digital Green

Sadman Sadek

Bangladesh Country Engagement Coordinator, DLEC, Digital Green

Rikin Gandhi

Technical Advisor, DLEC | Founder & Executive Director, Digital Green

Karin Lion

Technical Advisor, DLEC | Director of Global Agriculture Strategy, Digital Green

David Spielman

Technical Advisor, DLEC | Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI

Eduardo Viera

Sr. Technical Advisor, Market Systems and Livelihoods, CARE

Natalie Ernst

Programme Officer, Technical Advisor, GFRAS

Kelly Stenhoff

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Senior Program Manager, Digital Green

Eva Cantrell

Communications and Advocacy Manager, Digital Green





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