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Reducing Time and Increasing Profits for Farmers in Bangladesh

Posted by: Digital Green in Digital Green Story May 24, 2017

Story and pictures contributed by Sadman Sadek, Country Engagement Coordinator, Bangladesh

An unpredictable summer storm in southwest Bangladesh last April caused many farmers, like Abdul Mannan, to make some tough decisions. The government of Bangladesh estimates about 1.2 million tons of rice was lost because farmers were forced to harvest their paddy crop sooner than expected, which created a labor shortage and an increase in labor wages. The farmers had to decide whether to harvest the remaining paddy, or take the time to sell their already harvested crops before they were lost?

How Munni Became a Pro Mediator

Posted by: Digital Green in Digital Green Story, Staff blog July 28, 2016

Story and pictures contributed by Raushan Kumar, Program Manager, Bihar
(ed. Susan Thomas, Communications Manager)

About twenty women were packed into a small room in Dharahara village, Banmankhi block of Purnea district of Bihar, and concentrating on a video about the practice of Systematic Rice Intensification (SRI) for an improved yield of paddy being projected onto a white sheet pinned to the wall.

Quality Assurance Within the Community As We Scale Up

Posted by: Digital Green April 28, 2016

Text and pictures: Abhinav Kumar, Asst. Program Manager, Bihar, India

How videos helped a woman farmer turn organic and reap greater profits

Posted by: Digital Green in Digital Green Story, Staff blog February 10, 2016

Contributed by: B.Praveen Kumar, Program Manager, Digital Green, Andhra Pradesh

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