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Quality Assurance Within the Community As We Scale Up

Posted by: Digital Green April 28, 2016

Text and pictures: Abhinav Kumar, Asst. Program Manager, Bihar, India

NPM as a route to self-sufficiency and quality produce for small farmers

Posted by: Digital Green in Staff blog April 03, 2016

Contributed by: B. Praveen Kumar, Program Manager (Training), Digital Green

A Tippy Tap Revolution

Posted by: Digital Green April 03, 2016

A Digital Green case study from Niger on how video-enabled health extension prompts behaviour change

Towards a happier, healthier future

Posted by: Digital Green in Voice from the field January 07, 2016

Safiya Yakubu, 28, lives with her husband in Jikata, Niger since they got married in 2004. They are both farmers and have four children. Their eldest child is a 11-year-old boy named Naziru and their youngest is Youssoufa who is just 3 months old.

Finding Hope Amidst Despair - Farmers in Jharkhand, India

Posted by: Digital Green in Digital Green Story, Staff blog, Workshop December 13, 2015

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood and the mainstay of about 80 per cent of the rural population in the state of Jharkhand. Most of the farmers are small and marginal landholders. In Jharkhand 92 per cent of the total cultivated area is un-irrigated thus agriculture here is characterized as nature dependent, coupled with mono cropping and low investment capacity of farmers pushing them into the vicious cycle of poverty.

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