Integrating Farm Data

Integrating Communication Channels

Integrating Market Services

FarmStack makes it easier for organizations to securely share the farm-level data that they're already collecting in the field with one another.

FarmStack combines information such as weather forecasts, market prices, soil health, irrigation availability – with in- built mechanisms to push advisories to farmers across multiple channels (eg. face-to-face, video, IVR, SMS, radio).

FarmStack connects the dots between public, private and civil society partners across the value chain to improve farmers’ access to inputs and markets and translate information into actions to increase farm yields and incomes.

Early Prototypes

We are prototyping use cases to share tailored advice to farmers either directly or via extension service providers. In Ethiopia, we are designing use cases to support wheat and dairy farmers improve the quality of their production with information and value chain linkages facilitated by both video and mobile-based channels. In Bihar, India, we are adapting recommendations for controlling pest and diseases like potato blight, and eggplant fruit and shoot-borers, based on localized weather information. In Andhra Pradesh, India, we will support farmer producer groups with tailored information regarding groundnut and cashew cultivation as well as links to market. And in Odisha we will address supply/demand gaps for iron folic acid availability for pregnant women. These use cases will help fine-tune data standards, protocols and APIs for content and farmer data management to enable the next generation of solutions built on FarmStack.