How Training Courseware Works

Available in six languages, and available on a mobile-based learning platform, our Training Courseware provides instruction and training materials on our Community Videos solution. Video production training enables community teams to produce compelling videos about relevant agricultural and nutritional practices for improving rural household income. Video dissemination training helps workers to become effective facilitators, increasing the success of their screenings.

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Training App

We developed a mobile Android application that guides trainers on the use of this video courseware and includes a means of assessing front line workers and monitoring their progress.

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Training Dashboard

The mobile assessment app records the performance of frontline workers and sends it to the training analytics dashboard. The dashboard allows trainers to look across their peers, and frontline workers they have trained, to identify where persistent gaps in their skills exist. The dashboard also enables Digital Green to target follow-up training to frontline workers based on areas in which they’re less proficient.

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Whats Next

Our data has told us that the videos produced by our partners for farming communities often have a high degree of variability in their quality and completeness. For example, farmers often have to apply multiple practices in a coordinated fashion, and an à la carte approach to video screening led to farmers adopting practices in a piecemeal fashion that didn’t boost their overall productivity. Digital Green is now working to ensure farmers are watching the right videos at the right time to maximize the returns on their investments.